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4 more types of influencer marketing

In our previous post we’ve talked about five different types of influencer marketing: giveaways, takeovers, affiliating, sponsored content and gifting. Today we add four more popular types of social media marketing.

6. Sponsored posts

Blogs are seen as one of the most trusted sources of information online. No wonder, brands are turning to influencer bloggers to build trust among their audiences. It’s relatively easy to set up this type of collaboration. Our Influencers Agency pays an influencer to write about your brand on their blog. A distinction can be made between a blog dedicated to your brand and a blog that mentions your brand, but also similar brands / products.

In both cases an influencer is asked to write about your brand and thus increasing the awareness of your product.

7. Guest blogging

Guest blogging can be an effective way to promote your brand by using an influencer. This method is simple and unique where you just have to find some influencers in your industry that is also writing blogs and accepting guest blogs. As with sponsored posts, there are two ways in which guest blogging can be done. One is write a guest post yourself and submit the post to website and blogs related to your industry. Second is asking an influencer to write a blog post for your brands blog, and hope the guest blogger is proud of the content written and willing to share it in his / her own network and so creating awareness and traffic to your brands website.

8. Brand ambassador

In contrary to the other types of influencer marketing, who can be both short- and long term partnerships brand ambassador programs are long term. People who are you brand ambassador already love your brand or product to such an extent that they are promoting your brand / product for you. As a brand you just try to bring this to the next level as its kind of easy to use influencers who already love and promote your product.  In general, ambassadors are much like traditional celebrity endorsements, where an influencer attaches their name and image to a brand.

9. Event activation

If you find it hard engaging influencers for collaborations, an event could be the right campaign concept where influencers can experience and get to know your brand before they commit to collaboration.

To conclude, the idea behind influencer marketing is that influencers have a large following, and it is easy for brands to tap into their audience. And some types of influencer marketing will work better for your brand than others. Choose wisely 😉


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