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5 types of influencer marketing

Before you start with influencer marketing it’s good to have a bit of an idea about different types of influencer marketing.

1. Giveaways

We see a lot of giveaway campaigns on social media. As giveaway campaigns are super easy to set up. An influencer asks their following to do something (e.g. liking, commenting, following you brands social media account). In return you get the chance to win a price. This type of influencer marketing delivers more or less guaranteed engagement in the form of follows, likes, shares, and comments etcetera.

2. Takeover

We see this happening more often; a social media takeover (as the name suggests) is when an influencer takes over you social media account and shares content on it. The time of the take over depends on the agreement you make and varies between several hours, to weeks and even months.

3. Affiliating

Affiliate marketing is a type of advertising where a brand pays compensation to third-party publishers to generate mainly leads or sales. Affiliate marketing can be done via social media platform, where an influencer promotes your product or service and will het paid or rewarded whenever a lead or sale was generated. One way to execute an affiliate marketing campaign on Instagram is with discount codes. You give your chosen influencers a discount code to share with their followers; afterwards you can easily check how many sales an influencer generated.

This is a great method as it encourages the influencer to actively share your product since they get the benefit every time a sale has been made.

4. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is when you pay an influencer to share your content or pay an influencer to create and share content on their social media accounts. The influencer is simply posting content in order to promote your product, create brand awareness or realize any other goals you might have.

5. Gifts

Gifts, one of the reasons many teens would love to be an influencer: because of the free gifts. As a brand you send your products to an influencer with an audience similar to your target audience and hoping for free (positive) publicity.

This type of influencer marketing especially works with micro influencers, who are still excited about receiving free gifts ;).

Next blog post we will share some more types of influencer marketing. Stay tuned!

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