Believe half of what you see and nothing that you hear

“Sharing” is now business as usual, and it’s blurring the boundaries between real and unreal, opinion and reporting, ranting and editorialising. But credibility still counts, especially for PR and marketing professionals who are shifting their focus and budgets in search of influencers to represent their brands.

With the social landscape changing daily, how do you actually qualify influencers?

Here are some guidelines that will help you find that bright, talented influencer who will engage your audience and elevate the conversation about your brand.

Quality, quality, quality

Choose quality. An influencer is an independent PR agent for your brand and your industry, their integrity is important. Make sure that their body of work demonstrates focus and expertise in your industry. A history of being fast and loose with facts is a telling indicator of how influencers handle sensitive information you provide them with about upcoming products, services, news and events. Also, look for one who has relevant things to say about your industry and who demonstrates creative and critical thinking in an audience that is engaged with the content they share.

Influencer’s reach

Standard web metrics tell you what you need to know about an influencer’s reach. Pay attention to all the platforms they use and to their performance on them. For an objective professional analysis, consult an influencer marketing agency that specializes in assembling influencer databases.

Publishing frequency

Publishing frequency will separate the professionals from the amateurs. Influencers with large, devoted audiences will be reliable and somewhat prolific, consistently publishing to social platforms at least a few times a week. Evaluate the feedback that your favorite influencer receives on his/her content and how they interact with their own audience.

Other collaborations

You can learn a lot about a potential influencer by the collaborations they already have. Check out the links they share and what kinds of brands they promote. Be sure these are relevant to your industry or to similar industries.



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