Best types of YouTube content for influencer marketing

Best types of YouTube content for influencer marketing

Recently we’ve published an article about the most viewed YouTube video of all time. Which was mainly about music videos. We had a little brainstorm session at Influencer Agency and thought you might be interested in different types of YouTube content. This is part #1 with two types of content that are relevant to influencer marketing.

YouTube product reviews

Back in the days, when you thought of buying a product, you turned to your friends and family about their experience with the product. Nowadays, people turn to the World Wide Web when they are thinking about making a purchase. They want to know what customers think about the products and services that interest them. And they are using YouTube for this as well, just like other social media channels and websites. Your future customers looks for a YouTube channel that seems trustworthy to see what they think about numerous products or services they have reviewed. Unsurprisingly, customers are more probable to make a purchase after they’ve seen positive reviews online.

Depending on your brands product or service, YouTube might be the perfect medium for you. Even better than other social media platforms that can be used for influencer marketing via product reviews. The reason for this is that people find it a lot easier to relate to a product review when they see the product being used. Regardless of whether it is mascara being applied, an online tool that is being used or a game begin played.

YouTube tutorials

We love tutorials. It doesn’t matter what kind of ‘problem’ you have, there is a YouTube tutorial. For everything you would every want to learn or solve there is a YouTube tutorial.

One step back, in general there are three styles people learn:

  1. Visual learning: learning by seeing
  2. Auditory learning: learning by hearing
  3. Kinesthetic learning: learning by doing

Most people use a combination of these styles of learning, but everyone has a favorite. It is not possible to apply kinesthetic learning in a video, but we can apply the other two. As with product reviews, YouTube tutorials are perfect for influencer marketing. Potential customers could be looking for a YouTube tutorial before they will actually buy your product. Why not stimulate influencers that align with your brand to create a YouTube tutorial about your product?

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