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Biggest influencer marketing trends for 2020 and 2021

You never know what the future holds, no one could’ve predicted the COVID-19 situation we’re in now right?

But, we do want to make some predictions. As an influencer agency we have been following the biggest trends throughout the year which have gone along with what we believe will be the most important things to think about when setting your influencer marketing strategy for this year or the coming years.

A sense of purpose 

The trend is clear; influencers want to use their power of influence for something positive for society. Collaboration with brands that have a deeper meaning for the influencer and its audience is preferred over more superficial commercial collaborations. We expect increased focus on fronting more sustainable, environmentally friendly products and services, and products that do not contribute to negative self-image or body pressure. The responsibility that comes with being an opinion leader is taken seriously, influencers are conscious of their responsibilities and the effects of their commercial cooperation.

This means that as a brand, you will meet higher demands and expectations from the influencers. It is expected that your brand has good values, that you do not contribute to increased body pressure, that your products or services are of high quality and that you take climate and environmental issues seriously.

Advertisers have expectations too

Simply having a large audience in social media is not enough anymore to attract advertisers as an influencer. The competition to be selected for commercial cooperation is increasing as the industry develops. From now on, as an influencer, among other things, you will be expected to have insights and understanding of your audience, knowledge of marketing and sales, as well as a clear and consistent personal brand.

One of the most important things when an advertiser chooses which influencer they want to work with is that the influencer aligns with the advertiser’s brand. Common values ​​and the fact that the influencer’s audience is similar to the target audience the advertiser wants to reach is crucial.

Influencers who do a good job of developing their own brand, deliver solid and quality-assured content based on the advertiser’s mission, keeping deadlines, acting professionally, will be the ones with the best commercial deals of the years to come.

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