content marketing vs influencer marketing

Content marketing vs. influencer marketing

More and more often influencers are calling themselves content creators. Also, many of the Influencers Agency customers ask about the difference between influencer marketing and content marketing. That’s an easy one, all content your brand creates and spreads to the right audience at the right time. It refers to the blogs on your website, infographics, videos, posts on other website, and any other things you created to inform about your brand. It’s content that you own, you can use it wherever and whenever you want.

In contrast, external partners largely drive influencer marketing.

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to focus on just one of them. Both are essential to reach your KPIs and build trust among your audience. But we always recommend you start investing in content marketing first, content is the basis of your influencer marketing campaigns. It’s hard to build an effective and consistent influencer strategy without having a strong brand message.

There are more reasons why you should start with content marketing before influencer marketing.

You’re in charge

Influencer marketing is important to your overall strategy, but there is one big downside to it: you’re out of control. Influencers mention your brand but you as a brand don’t always have the final say over the content they post. Many marketers struggle with this aspect of influencer marketing. In the end, it’s their channel and their audience.

Return on investment

Content marketing gives you the opportunity to create a portfolio of great materials that explain your brands culture, and addresses your customer’s interest, needs and wishes. See your brands content as a long-term investment that increases return on investment and builds authority, trustworthiness and credibility.

From content marketing to influencer marketing

A well-developed content marketing strategy really helps when starting with influencer marketing. It gives influencers a clear direction on how you would like to spread your brand message. Also, if influencers see you already build an audience yourself, they are more willing to work with you. There is one-thing influencers live more than money: more influence.

So, it’s never content- or influencer marketing, it’s always content- and influencer marketing. They complement one another, but don’t replace one another.

Your brand’s content will inspire influencers (and customers) to trust you enough to believe in your brands mission.

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