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Coronavirus is changing influencer marketing

It’s a bit of a weird time, also for a lot of our influencers. Maybe you are lying on the couch at home and you think: yes, this is exactly what I want, beautiful full long eyelashes, but probably not. 

Normally Instagram is full of influencers that share discount codes and promote products and services. But at the moment there is remarkably little influencing going on. Understandable, because in between all the corona updates, it might feel a bit weird and inappropriate to showcase seductive luxury products to an audience that is in financial insecurity, even if it’s your (as an influencer) main source of income.

Influencers seem to have short-circuited in less than a week that besides self-care and solidarity, only quarantine-related items can be brought a bit chic to people: house suits, face masks, comfortable wire-free bras, and superfoods for your immune system. Kim Kardashian announced that she would postpone the launch of a new lip gloss, we’ve heard similar stories from influencers all over the world.

Next to this, companies will think twice. For example, one of our influencers, who naturally earns her money with Instagram was instructed not to link a currently very useful product to corona and to have the accompanying text checked for sensitivities in advance. Other collaborations have been postponed, because brands are terrified that it looks like they want to take advantage of the crisis and will hurt their image. 

Porn star Bobbi Eden shares craft tips for children and many fitness influencers post videos of fitness exercises that you can do with your hammered toilet rolls at home. A teeth whitener is committed to the food bank, a lip filler clinic is handing out messages to single mothers, and a delivery coach is giving free phone consultations to “ladies who have a hard time connecting with the powerful woman in themselves.” We have to admit that creativity is rampant. And on TikTok many younger influencers come up with challenges to keep their audience busy.

And there is more, plenty of other influencers have also used their platforms in constructive ways. On Thursday, Kylie Jenner posted a Public Service Announcement (PSA) on her Instagram story imploring her fans to take the pandemic seriously. Fashion and travel bloggers have used their social platforms to promote small / local businesses, while medical influencers share updates and advisories on how to best protect yourselves and others against the coronavirus. 

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