Different types of YouTube content for influencer marketing

Different types of YouTube content for influencer marketing

Very recently we wrote an article on the two best types of YouTube content for influencer marketing. Naturally, other types of YouTube content could also be relevant for your brand. It all depends on what you have to offer and how inventive Instagram influencer agencies are ;). Therefore, we present you with part #2 on types of YouTube content / categories of YouTube videos.

Video game walkthrough

More and more people make a living off channels related to video gaming. The most common type of videos related to gaming is the so-called video game walkthrough. Where somebody (often the founder of the YouTube channel) plays a certain game and comments on it as they progress through the game. Some of them even have live play sessions, which gives them the opportunity to create huge engagement between the game player and the audience.

Cute animal videos

Even if you try, it is nearly impossible not to come across this type of video on the Internet. People totally love videos of cute animals, in particular when the animal is doing something animals usually don’t do. No wonder the number of animal channels on YouTube keeps increasing.

PS. If you sell products related to pets you might want to put in a little thought on how to commercialize this type of video.


For those who don’t know what a vlog is: a vlog (abbreviation for video blog) is a blog that doesn’t contain text, but contains video content. The idea of video blogs is somewhat the same as the original text blogs. Vlogs are not scripted and generally give an authentic look into the mind of the vlog maker. Most vlogs are about a specific topic, for example fashion, food, and motherhood etcetera.

As a matter of fact, vlogs can be seen as the YouTube version of reality TV. Vloggers give you the opportunity to take a look into their life. As with reality TV, when looking at the number of followers some vloggers have, apparently quite a lot of people are interested in viewing someone else’s life.

These three types of content on YouTube might not be the first you think of for an influencer marketing campaign. Nevertheless, these types can still be used.

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