Do influencers influence purchasing behavior

Do influencers influence purchasing behavior?

Who influences your buying behavior, or do you decide on your own? You may think that all the choices you make come from yourself, but that is not the case.

Back in the days, you were influenced by celebrities, nowadays you rely on your inner circle. Even when you never met that person that belongs to your inner circle. Your favourite YouTube hero who loves exactly what you love and who points you in the right direction. These are the influencers of today, the VIPs of the internet society. They can help with the outreach to your target group through for example link building, so you can build up authority. How does our influencer agency and Instagram marketing in general work, and what can you achieve with it?

Building authority through influencers

You would prefer every search query in Google to refer you directly to your website. Yet that is not realistic for the majority of brands and even undesirable, you only want to address your intended target group. For that you need to build up authority, prove the relevance of your website with regard to a specific topic. Influencers can help you with that. Influencers are people who, due to a sparkling personality or striking appearance, have linked up a large group of loyal followers. People who are “larger than life”, and yet seem authentic. When influencers with relevance and authority link to your website, you will also build up authority yourself.

Link building based on influencer marketing

The wonderful world of link building has changed, the relevance of the back links is now taken into account when determining the ranking for a search. Good influencers often have a status, a link to your site can do wonders. And if they also put their followers on the path to your company, brand or product, then you will also quickly gather more backlinks with all the (positive) consequences.

Outreach to influencers

Usually influencers will not present themselves automatically, you will have to perform outreach yourself to reach them. There are influencers who do it purely out of interest, influencers who would like to receive products for free in exchange for a review, and influencer marketing professionals who just want to be paid for their work. Each group has both advantages and disadvantages, but it is important to address influencers via outreach that are really relevant to your brand, service or product. Be critical or let us assist you!

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