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Google is involved in influencer marketing: did you know?

We thought this was old news: Google being involved with influencer marketing. But lately we realised the majority of the brands we work with aren’t aware…

A couple of years ago Google took over FameBit, a marketplace that brings video makers into contact with marketers. It links popular YouTubers with brands. 

Meaning, Google is interfering with influencer marketing. According to Google the acquisition was a logical step, as it is increasingly difficult for brands to get attention due to AdBlockers, algorithms and advertising-free initiatives such as Netflix. Other influencer marketing platforms saw the acquisition as a huge step, from working in an industry that nobody ever heard about to being an industry that is noticed by Google and apparently appointed by Google as being important.

So, what is FameBit exactly?

And what does it have to do with influencer marketing?

As said before, FameBit is an online marketing platform that gives YouTubers the opportunity to connect with brands that might be interested in advertising their brand. This way, the creator of a YouTube video can earn money while the brand will be shown to a relevant audience. Win-Win! 

Influencer marketing on YouTube

We’ve talked about this before, incorporating YouTube in your influencer marketing campaign. Where the channel is YouTube but the video format can be anything, from shopping hauls to video tutorials, look books, unboxing videos and reviews. When the YouTuber is genuinely interested in your brand and the video format suits your brand you’re already one step further. If this isn’t the case, don’t start a collaboration as it will only do damage to your brand. 

Collaboration FameBit and MAC Cosmetics

FameBit recently launched an augmented reality (AR) feature for the beauty industry, this feature allows YouTubers to virtually try makeup. To kick off this feature, FameBit partnered up with MAC Cosmetics. Via the YouTube app viewers were able to activate the AR experience, according to YouTube 30% of viewers did so. According to the senior VP at MAC Cosmetics, North America this partnership was their latest digital innovation. Partnering up with influencers via FameBit was a logical step as MAC has always heavily leaned on influencers to generate brand awareness.

Are you interested in an influencer marketing campaign that contains more social platforms than just YouTube, get in touch!

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