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How to choose between an Influencer Marketing Platform vs. Agency?

We have spoken a lot about influencers, influencer marketing and the role of influencer agencies but not so much about influencer marketing platforms. Even though you have an interesting decision to make: are you going to hire an influencer agency or are you going to run an influencer marketing campaign yourself via an influencer marketing platform? 

As influencer marketing is becoming part of more and more marketing strategies an increasing amount of companies arise that offer their expertise on influencer marketing. Furthermore new influencer marketing platforms are launched on a regular basis. Today, it’s all about these influencer marketing platforms, these platforms were developed to make it easier to manage and work with influencers. 

Similar to other tools you might know, influencer marketing platforms are technological / software tools that provide different features to help you out. With every tool having its own pros and cons. 

On what channel / social media platform can you find your target group?

Influencer marketing campaigns can be executed via various different channels / social media platforms, depending on your product / service / brand / target group one channel will be a better fit than another. For example, take the fairly new social platform TikTok, where the majority of the users is under 24 years old. If you’re trying to sell anti-age serum TikTok is definitely not the place to be ;). Some influencer marketing platforms are specialised in channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where others have broader knowledge on Pinterest, Twitch and Blogs. And so on. 

Next to the focus on channels, influencer marketing platforms also provided different features. Via some influencer marketing platforms you can look search for influencers all over the world, others provide services where you can check the reliability of the influencers, previous campaigns they’ve worked on. As time goes by, we see that influencer marketing platforms keep expanding their offerings. 

Another recent development is agencies providing similar services to platforms and platforms providing similar services to agencies. We realise this doesn’t make it easier for you to make the decision between a platform or an agency. The coming weeks we will give you some guidance on this topic.

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