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How to look good with a mouth cap? #coronavirus

By now, nobody can deny that the coronavirus causes quite a bit of panic. Not only in China but all around the world. Flights are cancelled, some companies see opportunities to make money where others are trying to keep their head above the water, more and more cities are facing a lock down, plus the number of infections continues to rise. The demand for mouth caps is too large. 

And, believe it or not the big questions among some influencers is: How to look good with a mouth cap? If this is something you care about too, read on. We’ve done a little investigation on Instagram, YouTube and TikTok and we found that it is definitely possible to look good with a mouth cap. 

All over the world beauty influencers share tutorials for makeup looks that fit perfectly with a mouth cap. The very famous YouTuber Monkey Sis created a video titled “Maskproof Makeup” in which she guides viewers to use sustainable products – including liquid lipstick – to prevent makeup from sticking to the mouthpiece.

Another Youtuber, Lorraine_miaol, tested six longwear foundations and wrote in the description of her video: “My homeland is going through a deadly coronavirus outbreak, this video is dedicated to all those who need makeup with a put on a mouth cap. Stay healthy, stay strong! Pray for China.”

Many influencers show eye make-up techniques on Instagram, because mouth caps naturally only cover the lower half of your face. In short, if you are determined to wear the mouth caps (to try to protect yourself against the coronavirus), the good news is that there is enough inspiration to wear it in a very fashionable way.

Below we share some more inspiration! <3

Naturally, we hope that the coronavirus will be under control as soon as possible! And we share love and strength to the ones affected.

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