How to use YouTube for influencer marketing?

How to use YouTube for influencer marketing?

Ready for Influencer Agencies‘ part #3 of types of YouTube content that might be useful for your next influencer marketing campaign? Here we go!

Celebrity gossip

Most people are interested in celebrity gossip, even though you may not prefer to admit it. Celebrity gossip isn’t new at all; it has been around like forever. Newspaper tabloids have been around for years, just as magazines completely focused on the life of celebrities. And we have not even mentioned all the television channels focused on celebrity gossip. I think we can state that, celebrity gossip is a thing & will stay a thing.

So, you’re probably not surprised people coming to YouTube to watch videos that keep them up to date with celebrity gossip. If you (or we ;)) can find a way to position your brand in a positive a way in one of these videos, gold might be waiting for you..

Pranks #LOL

We’ve all been entertained by prank videos, now and back in the days. Pranks are known for their share ability, they are one of the video types that are shared most often. On YouTube and on other social media platforms, for example Facebook and Instagram.

Prank videos can make real stars of people; they might be able to make a real star of your brand. If you, as a brand, are open to collaborating with a so-called prank channel, make sure the channel aligns with your brand values. Some of these channels can be quite controversial, as you might have seen before.

We’ve already dedicated an article to shopping hauls and unboxing videos, therefore we are going to end this triple article series with educational videos.

Educational videos

As both ‘how to channels’ and ‘educational videos’ are quite big, we separated these. Educational channels are channels like TED (if you never heard of TED, make your way to YouTube or and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of TED!). Another very famous educational channel is the one of National Geographic. Both are channels of official organizations and share their own material. We are talking about amazing material here.

Next to channels like TED and National Geographic, whose target audience are adults; there are also other businesses that focus on children and students. Pay close attention to these channels as most of the time they have a very clear target audience that could be the same as yours..

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