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Incorporate influencer marketing in your digital strategy

More and more companies are trying to integrate influencers in their digital strategy. Regardless the industry they work in, they all want something with influencers. And rightly so, because where these brands used to send content via their own channels, the social accounts of influencers now give them a platform that allows them to involve a broader target group.

The influencer as we know it today is more approachable than ever. Whereas influencers were previously the unapproachable celebrities, we can interact with them. Unapproachable becomes approachable, this applies to both macro and micro influencers (known and unknown people). The latter in particular are increasingly being used for influencer marketing. Micro influencers are “unknowns” with a relatively small reach on social. They are very active on their own channels, but often remain within reach of 10,000 followers. They might not reach the masses, but they are often seen by their followers as super reliable when it comes to recommendations.

What makes micro influencers so interesting?

Micro influencers have a smaller organic reach compared to macro influencers, but generally have a lot of interaction with their followers. Influencer marketing via micro influencers is about 6 times more effective than communication via macro influencers. The consideration for the use of micro and / or macro influencers depends on the objective that you have as an organization. If you choose reach as an organization, then it is certainly still relevant to hold on to big names / macro influencers. If you go for relevance or engagement, you should consider using micro influencers.

It is important to realize that influencers become relevant to your organization if / when they act as a brand ambassador. An influencer that would also use your brand if he /she did not get paid for it is much more credible than if this were not the case. And influencer marketing is all about credibility.

In addition to the fact that you can use the power of the micro influencers’ own channels, it is also always interesting to determine to what extent you incorporate them into your content. Content that you distribute through the channels of your organization. In general, influencers are amazing content creators. Like no other, they know how to create appealing and engaging content for their followers. Therefore it might be an idea to give them some creative freedom so they can create content for your brand that you can share on your social channels as well.

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