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Happy valentines day! If you’re single, this might not be your favourite day of the year. You open Instagram, and there they are: influencer couples that couldn’t be more in love (ugh).

More and more brands look for influencers who pair off as couple. Social media relationships are a whole new trend. Ultimately we are all looking for love, us humans are not meant to be alone. Influencer couples feel more relatable, and it appears easier for them to showcase an emotional connection between a product or service. And that’s what you’re after as a brand.

Furthermore, some of them share an account where others have a separate account, this doubles their outreach and impact. This way, spending your influencer marketing budget on influencer couples can be seen as a cost-effective way and a manor to diversify your audience.

It doesn’t matter what brand or service you’re trying to sell. There is an influencer couple that will happily sell it to their audience.
To get a bit more feeling with the whole influencer couple trend, here are some of our favourites:

All the way from Vancouver, Canada @vancitywild
This family is just so so so cute! <3


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Below the perfect example of the extra outreach you could generate when pairing up with a couple. Michael and Matthew have an Instagram account as a couple (145k followers), Michael has his own account (40.5k followers), Matthew has his own account (12.7k followers). Crazy right?


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The King and Queen of influencer couples, the ultimate Instagram couple, this is what I want, this is what you want, this is what everybody wants. It doesn’t matter what they’re trying to sell to you. You want it.


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The opportunities to work with for example Instagram couples are endless and we think more and more influencer couples will arise in 2020 and further.

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