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Influencer marketing at Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington, a watch company from Sweden, has built its social strategy exclusively around influencer marketing since it was founded in 2011. Founder Filip Tysander approached micro influencers to create brand awareness. His philosophy was, that several micro influencers would generate more buzz than one mega influencer. And he was right about that.

This strategy, the focus on influencer marketing and micro influencers plays a principal role in the success of Daniel Wellington. Daniel Wellington was one of the first brands that fully understood the potential of influencer marketing.

Free watches and discount codes

This is how Daniel Wellington approached the micro influencers. First, he sends them free watches. Second he asks them to post a photo on their social wearing their Daniel Wellington watch with the hashtag #danielwellington in the caption. Lastly, he offers the influencers a unique discount promotion code they can share with their followers.


Daniel Wellingtons social strategy doesn’t end with micro influencers, another way to encourage social users to share something about Daniel Wellington is as follows:

  • Pick of the day: Instagrammers are inspired to post a photo of their Daniel Wellington watches together with the hashtag #DWPickoftheDay. Winners receive a free watch and a feature on the official Instagram page of Daniel Wellington.
  • Pick of the month: Followers are invited to share creative photos of their Daniel Wellington watch using the hashtag #DWPickoftheMonth as well as a #DanielWellington tag. The photo with the most likes is shared on the Daniel Wellington profile.
  • Caption contest: Instagram users are invited to help the brand pick a caption for a user-generated picture. Using the hashtag #DWaption.

Here’s an example of a winning #DWPickoftheMonth.

The Instagram numbers

At the time of writing, Daniel Wellington has 4.6million followers on Instagram, the hashtag #danielwellington has been used 2.1million times and 60.6K posts are tagged with #dwpickoftheday. Can you imagine your brand being so present on Instagram without putting your budget in advertising?

Furthermore, Daniel Wellington is the most often mentioned brand in influencer posts using the hashtag #ad, according to a study by Social Bakers.

Using micro-influencers next to user-generated content means Daniel Wellingtons posts are shared far wider than one person could ever achieve. Another great side effect is that by giving influencers full creative control, Daniel Wellingtons promotional material is far more authentic than it would be when all content was generated by the brand itself.

In conclusion, Daniel Wellington knows its customers better than any brand. This is a result of consistent, creative and authentic user generated content, all part of their top notch influencer marketing strategy.

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