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Influencer marketing: B2B versus B2C

We can come up with one too many reason why you should start with influencer marketing. Simply stated, consumers trust another more than they trust brands. Currently, influencer marketing is more often used for B2C than for B2B. In reality, however, an influencer marketing campaign for B2B might me more beneficial as the average purchase size is higher, and the impact of word of mouth (WOM) is more critical to the success of your brand. The majority of B2B transactions in the US (over 90 percent) are influenced by WOM.

As you might expect influencer marketing in B2B is not the same as influencer marketing in B2C. Here are some differences you need to think of before rolling out your B2B influencer marketing campaign.

Long term partnerships

In contrary to most B2C purchases, B2B purchases involve multiple decision makers. Don’t expect immediate return on investment when starting a B2B influencer marketing campaign. It will take some time from the first touchpoint to an actual sale. Seek to work with B2B influencers for a longer period of time.

Look at your existing customers

First of all, who influenced your current customers to become your customer? Who / what are your potential customers listening to? What blogs, newspapers, other media are they reading? What are they watching? Maybe you don’t have a clue at the moment, just launch a survey and ask your customers.

B2B influencer marketing doesn’t necessarily happen on social media platforms

Some of the most powerful B2B influencers in the world aren’t present on social media platforms, so don’t focus on social strength only! They have other means to reach there following, be aware of that.

Most B2B influencers have a job next to being an influencer, they became an influencer because of their job. They are seen as an authority within a certain industry because of their position and the knowledge that comes with the position. This makes them trusted influencers.

Entertainment versus educational

B2B influencing is much more about educating on products / services, your customers are about to invest a whole lot of money in your product or service. They are expecting in depth reviews, even more than with B2C purchases they want to be sure they are making the right decision. You do not only have to convince them with your influencer marketing campaign, they have to convince the decision-making board also. Which is not always the easiest task at hand.

To conclude, B2B influencer marketing can be very beneficial to your brand, as long as you’re not approaching it the same way you would approach a B2C influencer marketing campaign.

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