Influencer marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing in B2B

Influencer marketing is becoming more common in B2B. Since the popularity of social media, the use of influencers has been a strategy that is being used by more and more companies. Vloggers and bloggers are also becoming increasingly important in the B2B sector. In this article we will elaborate on B2B influencer marketing and give tips on how you can be successful with this form of B2B online marketing.

What is influencer marketing in business to business?

Linking a brand to a popular or influential person is not a new principle. For centuries influential people have been used to increase the popularity of products and services. The term influencer marketing has emerged since the popularity of social media. Influencer marketing is a form of online marketing where products are promoted through an influential person rather than through the company itself. These influential people are called influencers and they are able to influence their followers. This is possible, for example, by showing how they use products. Influencers are often paid to promote the company’s products or services via Instagram or other social media.

Why is it also important in B2B?

A misunderstanding is that influencer marketing is especially effective in the B2C. This type of marketing is just as important in B2B. Even in B2B, the intention is to sell products or services, only to a different target group. Since both target groups for B2C and B2B are active on social media, it is just as profitable for the B2B sector to engage in influencer marketing.

B2B influencers are often experts in their field and really serve as an example for the target group. Because of this they have a strong influence on their target group, as a result of which they will also want to buy and use the displayed products. More and more B2B companies are therefore already involved in influencer marketing. And this will only continue to increase. 

If you want to start with B2B influencer marketing we recommend that you gather expertise before you start with influencer marketing. If you do not have enough in-house experts to make influencer marketing successful, we recommend hiring this knowledge through a specialized influencer marketing agency such as Influencer Agency.

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