Influencer marketing & Instagram Stories Ads

Influencer marketing & Instagram Stories Ads

In June last year, Instagram had reached one billion monthly active users worldwide. It is undeniable that your target audience is also on Instagram. Via a combination of influencer marketing and advertising on Instagram, you can reach your target group in a personal and targeted way. Advertising on Instagram is probably not new to you, is it? But what about advertising on Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories are the vertical and / or screen-filling updates that appear at the top of the user’s screen, between all accounts that the user follows. A Story can consist of a moving image with or without sound, but also a still image with moving text or gifs. An Instagram Story takes a maximum of 15 seconds. So it is extra fun if you make a catchy story in a very short time.

As long as we know, brands want to invest as little money as possible in social media communications. It used to be a possibility for free promotion and where you could bind people to your brand or company. But if you were not at that party, you are unfortunately too late. Social media platforms are moving more to paid promotion in favor of free promotion. Makes sense right?

With the constant adaptation of the algorithm on social media, it is not possible to predict whether publications will be seen organically. And when they are seen: are they nice enough to respond to?

The algorithm used on Instagram is similar to the Facebook algorithm. Users go before brands. Until companies decide to invest in advertisements. Not surprising, because the income from Instagram is after all based on advertisements.

Instagram Stories is a great tool to use to increase your reach, conversion or brand awareness. More and more brands are advertising on Instagram Stories, so have we, and we must admit the results are great. Better than Facebook advertising!

One of our favorite features of advertising on Instagram Stories is the fact that you can add multiple slides without paying extra. Which means great value for money. Furthermore, with Instagram Stories you have the advantage that you can use the entire screen to tell your message. This means there is little to no distraction and you are more likely to really attract the attention of your viewer.

Are you convinced? Do you want to advertise on Instagram Stories?

Does advertising on Instagram Stories sounds like an interesting idea for your company, but does it cost you too much time, do you have no idea how? Do you want to set up a social media campaign and targeted advertising and do you want support in strategy and implementation? Tell us your idea and your goal and we will gladly think along with you.

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