Influencer marketing is a reflection of our time

Digital and online marketers are fast catching onto the power of influence to boost brand awareness, increase sales, and engage with a new audience and so on. As a large percentage of content is discovered via social media sharing, consumers are turning away from traditional advertising and tuning in to online content.

In this social space, influencer marketing is demonstrating to be one of the stronger performers in terms of building brand awareness and other goals you’re trying to reach.

Micro-influencers and engagement rate

We can’t talk about this enough, bigger is not necessarily better. While it might go against your reason and logic, influencers don’t necessarily have to have large audiences to generate the extraordinary engagement rates we’ve been seeing lately. Research and experience has shown that influencers with fewer followers, but more targeted audiences are able to generate higher engagement rates for all types of content (both branded and non-branded), when comparing it with influencers that have a lager following.

Technology and content

Effective influencer marketing campaigns don’t aim to disrupt the market. Rather, it’s about using technology to create branded content that’s perceived authentic, highly engaging and visually attractive. This approach is for example successful for generating brand awareness, increasing sales and reaching a new audience. It has translated into positive product purchase figures for many brands.

Unique sense of creativity

Many influencers are digital natives, meaning they’re comfortable at posting on social media on a regular base, they know their hashtags and use different social networking platforms to share their content and extend their reach.

On top of their knowledge of social media optimisation, influencers also bring a unique sense of creativity that brands sometimes find difficult to create themselves. Consumers are responsive to content created by influencers they follow, which is essentially what influencers are plaiting when they interpret products and translate them into visually appealing content. Whether it’s an Instagram story, Facebook post, YouTube video or any other type of content. When influencers are well aligned with brands, they have the power to become a brand’s most effective ambassador.

Let’s talk platform

The strongest and most popular platform for influencers is Instagram, Instagram shows higher engagement rates than any other social media platform. And has the strongest opportunities for organic growth and engagement.

In conclusion, influencer marketing is a reflection of our time, where the power is in the hands of the consumer rather than in the hand of brands. Consumers choose who they wish to follow, and ultimately, which branded and non-branded content they like to consume. And as Instagram’s user base is steadily growing and other social platforms are launched all the time we predict that influencer marketing will keep growing too.

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