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Influencer marketing mistakes you shouldn’t make

Influencer marketing has been a buzzword for a few years now. Many brands started their first influencer marketing campaign, but not all of them were successful. The most respected influencer agencies believe that most of these failed influencer marketing campaigns directly relate to specific mistakes that could’ve been prevented. In this article we discuss these mistakes.

Goals and insights

Every marketing campaign starts with goals and ends with an analysis of the results. If you forget to measure, you can’t improve. Measuring your influencer marketing campaign is a bit more challenging than other marketing programs. Not all influencers will give you access to the analytics of their social platforms. Make sure you have made agreements on this before the start of the campaign. Also, share your goals with the influencer so they know what is expected from them.

Engagement rate

It isn’t always about reach (number of followers), for the same reasons why celebrities aren’t necessarily the type of influencers you want to work with. The only reason why reach may be the most important thing is if you want to create brand awareness for your products brand. If you’re having any other goals (sign-ups, leads, sales etcetera) engagement rates is what you want to look at. Look at both the degree is engaged with their audience as well as the involvement of the audience with the influencer.

Pro tip: many studies show, the higher the number of followers, the lower the engagement rate.


Keep it real! Authenticity plays an enormous role in influencer marketing. In fact, it might be the most important thing as you use the relationship an influencer has with an audience you would like to reach. As soon as the message of the influencer doesn’t come across as authentic it will loose its ability to influence the audience.

Freedom in content creation

This mistake is closely related to authenticity. Make sure you give the influencer enough freedom in content creation. Guide them a little bit to they follow your brand’s objectives, but not too much. Influencers are creative people, they’ll know what works best for your brand in combination with their audience.

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