Influencer marketing on YouTube

Influencer marketing on YouTube

Influencer marketing is growing exponentially and the majority of marketing experts have launched at least one iInfluencer marketing campaign in the last year. 

One of the social media platforms we haven’t talked about a lot lately but is popular for influencer marketing is YouTube. Here are some tips if you want to start with influencer marketing on YouTube.

Free some budget

Make sure you have a decent budget. Do not expect that you can set up an influencer campaign on YouTube with a small portion of your marketing budget. Content creation for influencers on YouTube involves a lot more work than content creation for a social media platform such as Instagram.

Influencer / brand alignment

Look for an influencer that aligns with your brand. It is important to link the correct influencer to your campaign. “Think outside the box”, sometimes you can use mom YouTubers as influencer for pet food if they have a dog ;). Try something different, in many cases it will work and your influencer marketing campaign will succeed.

Trust the influencer

An influencer is an influencer for a reason. Influencers are very creative and have excellent ideas on how to bring your brand or product to the attention of their target group. This will make your YouTube campaign much more unique and prevent you from being seen as an advertisement.

In short, although it might look difficult to work with Influencers on YouTube, it is well worth the effort and investment! Make sure you keep thinking creatively and be selective when searching for the right Influencers. Give influencers the opportunity to provide input, this way you will be less likely to be seen as an advertisement and the target group will get the feeling that the influencer is actually interested in your brand or product.

Never assume that influencer marketing on YouTube does not work for your brand, because it works for almost every brand! With the right influencer and the right content, we can ensure that your YouTube influencer marketing campaign will be a success. 

Our advice, start small and then expand your influencer marketing campaign on YouTube. And if you’ve never done it before, some expert help isn’t a luxury. 


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