influencer marketing vs. celebrity endorsement

Influencer marketing vs. celebrity endorsement

Influencers reach masses of consumers via blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms. Many brands have difficulties reaching a younger audience via classical media. No wonder brands are more than happy to pay for a collaboration with an influencer.

Price tag

It seems logical that a price tag is attached to collaborating with influencers. After all, it takes effort, time, and creativity to take the perfect photo or video at the right location.

No easy money

As with other marketing campaigns, an influencer receives a briefing from the brand, to which he must then give substance in an original and creative way that is aligns with a brands values. Successful influencers are busy day and night with their passion. Whoever thinks being an influencer is an easy way to become rich is wrong. Being an influencer is very time-intensive and it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to become an influencer, let alone stay an influencer. For most influencers it’s a part-time job as they don’t make enough money with being an influencer alone.

Celebrity endorsement

Some brands see influencer marketing as a modern, online version of celebrity marketing / endorsement, this is when a celebrity promotes a product. But, consumers soon realized that it was about paid advertising. Naturally, this had an impact on the success of celebrity marketing campaigns.

Influencer marketing vs. celebrity endorsement

Influencers are closer to their followers than celebrities, which often makes influencer marketing campaigns more successful than celebrity marketing campaigns. Consumers don’t always realize influencer marketing is paid advertising too, and even if they do they feel like a friend is recommending a product, service or brand. How is this possible? Image you follow an influencer on whatever social media platform, you follow the influencer because you like the content he or she shares. If he or she shares content about a product, service or brand you probably find this way less intrusive compared to a TV spot or billboard. Not a lot of research has yet been done, but a limited number of studies have shown that influencer marketing is much more persuasive than traditional marketing. Even though the reach is much smaller than that of a TV spot, the impact is greater. In general, influencer marketing leads to more purchases and higher brand preference. Referring to the fact that influencers are seen as friends, influencer marketing can be seen as a form of online word to mouth advertising, and is therefore very credible and valuable.

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