At this point, the time spent on mobile devices keeps growing rapidly. Reason for us, Influencer Agency to investigate the actual time spent on mobile devices among some of our most popular influencers. 

The average time influencers vs. non-influencers spend on a mobile device

According to a study among 1.053 of our most popular influencers (more than 50K followers), the average time our influencers spend on a mobile device is 9:02 hours (i.e. 542 minutes) per day. In comparison, research by eMarketer found that the average consumer in the US spends 3:43 hours (i.e. 223 minutes) on a mobile device per day.

To establish this bizarre amount of screen time, our influencers pick up their mobile devices hundreds of times a day, to be specific 342 times. Compared to 52 times* for US consumers / non-influencers. What a difference!

*Source: Deloitte, Global mobile consumer survey: US edition

influencers vs. non-influencers 2020

Is there a difference between male and female influencers?

Among all the influencers, we definitely found a difference between our male and female influencers. Male influencers spend an average of 7:19 hours (i.e. 439 minutes) a day on a mobile device while female influencers spend even more time on their mobile device. O average 10:06 (i.e. 606 minutes) a day.

time in minutes per day on mobile device

What are influencers using their mobile device for?

this is what influencers do on their mobile device

1.053 influencers with a minimum of 50K followers per influencer participated in this research. All influencers who filled out the questionnaire are under contract to Influencer Agency. Furthermore, all influencers were 18+ at the time of the survey.

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