instagram influencer marketing data driven

Instagram influencer marketing is becoming more data-driven

Influencer marketing on Instagram is often no more than someone with many followers paying for a digital shout-out for your brand or product. How do you really make good use of influencers?

“Influencers, shouldn’t we be doing something with that?” It’s a question many brands ask themselves nowadays. But where do you start when you’ve never done an influencer marketing campaign before?

Influencer marketing is booming on various social media platforms amongst them of course Instagram. Fortunately for agencies like us, Instagram recognizes that measuring is very important for marketers and therefore comes with some new features that improves the measurability of influencer marketing.

Shopping from creators

Until now, Instagram shopping was only possible from your own business account. But now it will soon also be possible for influencers to tag products from your brands shop (feed) in their photos. Does an influencer use your product? Then their followers can immediately click through to the product and immediately pay with Instagram Checkout. Now as a brand you can finally capitalize on the enormous organic reach of your influencers and customers no longer have to search endlessly for your specific product.

Instagram checkout

This does not have much to do with influencers. But the global roll-out of Instagram Checkout is going to have a big impact. Where you previously saw a great product and then had to look it up on the brand’s website, you can click through to Instagram directly after the introduction of “shopping”. With Checkout you can pay in the app immediately after clicking on the shopping tag. This way you can sell within Instagram and your customers no longer have to leave the platform.

Branded content ads

Finally, with the arrival of “branded content ads” it is possible to promote posts from influencers and thus show them to a targeted audience (outside of the original followers). The targeted audience will see the content of the influencer in their timeline with the subtitle “Paid partnership with …”. So you can use the content from paid partnerships in your branding campaigns.

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