Jennifer Aniston Guiness World Record

Jennifer Aniston claims Guiness World Record for fastest to reach one million Instagram followers

For the average human being it is hard work to gain a decent number of followers. This certainly does not apply to Jennifer Aniston. She has been an influencer since the TV show Friends was broadcasted, does she want to become an Instagram influencer now?

Since Jennifer Aniston has registered with Instagram (15th of October 2019) the followers keep on coming. The actress managed to attract no less than 14.2 million followers within a few days, but confessed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel (American television host, comedian, writer, and producer) that she is not completely new to the social medium platform. Aniston had a so-called “stalker account” for a while, allowing her to view things without posting anything.

“Yes, I actually had such a fake profile for a while, to learn to understand the social media before I surrendered to it. And at one point I thought: well let’s go, I just do it, ” said the Friends star, who admitted that he had some trouble with the whole event.

Guiness World Record

Jennifer Aniston and her fans are completely amazed she broke the Guiness World Record with her entry to Instagram by reaching one million followers the fastest. She thereby “defeated” Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who held the record before that. Meanwhile, “Jen” already has more than 14 million followers.

This is not the first time Aniston breaks a Guiness World Record – she also shares the record title of best paid TV actress per episode with Friends cast members Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox Arquette, Furthermore, in 2008, together with Angelina Jolie she shares the most powerful actress record after they were both featured in the famous Forbes 100 Celebrity List.

We are very curious how her profile will develop and whether she will be part of influencer marketing campaigns in the future.

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