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Learn from the best: influencers

With thousands to millions of followers who are taking recommendations from influencers and interact with the content of influencers, it’s no wonder that brands are extremely interested in adding influencer marketing to their marketing mix.

Influencer marketing can be a very powerful way to place your product or service in the hearts and minds of a new target audience. Next to using influencers and their ima influencer marketing agency, brands can also learn from influencers how to improve their social presence.

After all, by creating unique and engaging content and dedicated community management influencers are able to create a great following. So, if you want to step up your social media game, be more influencer.

Visually attractive

This is not the first time and certainly not the last time that we highlight how important content is. More and more brands realise that the influencer is the one who knows what content works for their audience. Look at the feeds of influencers who share your target audience. What does their feed look like? How do they make sure their posts are visually attractive? What posts lead to engagement? Watch and learn! Maybe you can apply a number of things to your own feed.

Know your audience

Influencers are known for the personal connection they have with their followers, especially nano- and micro-influencers are almost seen as friends by their followers. These influencers have been engaging with their followers for years and years and have a good view of the types of people that follow them. The better you know your audience, the better you know what content they love. Ask your influencers about their audience, ask them to make use of the poll feature that is now available on Instagram Stories. In this way you can find out what type of content they like and what type of content they want to see more often.

One size doesn’t fit all

The days where you create one content piece and share it on all channels you have are over. One of the reasons why influencers are more successful in content creation than most brands is because they create content specifically for Instagram or Facebook or YouTube or any other social media platform you might use. Know the features of every channel & create custom content for every single one. This is how you get the most out of it. Promise!

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