Misconceptions about influencer marketing

Misconceptions about influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is extremely popular. However, as the concept of influencer marketing is fairly new to a lot of brands, there are a lot of misconceptions about influencer marketing. Time to tell the truth.

The more followers, the better!

A large number of followers is certainly important, but a balance between reach, engagement and the right match is where the magic happens. So work with an influencer that fits your brand and campaign, and that appeals to your target group. Of course, a large range is nice and it certainly says something about how influential someone is, but it is not the most important thing.

Micro influencers ensure more engagement

Although it is often said that micro influencers have more involved followers than macro or celebrity influencers, this is not necessarily true for all influencers. Therefore, figure out the engagement rate of an influencer.

Influencer marketing only works for B2C brands

The fashion and beauty industry are the early adopters of influencer marketing, but this does not mean that this form of marketing is not suitable for other industries. Whether you work in retail, the financial world or at a B2B company: ultimately we are all people looking for reviews, confirmation and others’ experiences.

Everyone can use influencer marketing

More and more tools are available that provide insight and data about influencers. Nevertheless, choosing an influencer requires more expertise and time than expected. Consider hiring an expert who is aware of all developments concerning influencer marketing and who can advise you and help you with this.

Influencers that get paid are not credible

Good influencers only work with brands and products that are in line with their personal brand and that are relevant to their followers. Many of them make quality and authentic content themselves. It is therefore more than logical that they get paid for this, it’s their job.

Not sure yet if you want to get started with influencer marketing? Don’t be put off by all the negative news regarding influencer marketing. Just make sure you have a clear campaign objective and investigate what kind of influencer fits best with this.

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