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NA-KD owes its success mainly to influencer marketing 

The Scandinavian fashion brand NA-KD is growing very fast. The secret to the success of the online store? The use of influencers.

NA-KD is a Scandinavian online shop with both external brands and private labels. The web store owes its success mainly to influencer marketing. 

More than eight million visitors from 170 countries visit the international site every month. Products are sent to one hundred countries and more than six hundred retailers worldwide sell the NA-KD brand.

It is one of the fastest growing e-commerce fashion labels. NA-KD, which started selling fashion online in 2015, focuses primarily on social media. 2.3 million people follow the fashion brand on Instagram. NA-KD has grown through the use of influencers, they run thousands of influencer campaigns per month. They play a crucial role in inspiring the customer.

Nina Box, one of the marketing managers at NA-KD states: “Photos and videos of inspiring people in clothes that people are looking for are much more effective than online banners. We focus primarily on fashion-oriented influencers who reach young women (17-35 years old). We work with a limited number of influencers who design their own collection We listen to the ideas they have about designing the clothes. Most influencers appreciate NA-KD acting as an advisor in building and selling their own fashion collection.

How important are physical stores for NA-KD? Box: “We are always looking for new interesting locations for a pop-up store or a brand store. It works best when offline and online shopping go hand in hand. We also know that many of our customers want to find our brand online and offline. “In addition to selling through their own site, the fashion brand also sells through other stores and warehouses. 

NA-KD plans to continue investing in local market strategies and the use of social media in the coming years, as it is a proven successful strategy, Box says. “We want to further expand NA-KD as a global brand. With the help of influencers.”


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