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New York Times buys podcast studio for 25 million

New York Times newspaper company buys the production company behind internationally renowned podcast The Serial in a deal valued at $ 25 million.

“The Serial,” a podcast that engages in investigative journalism, will also accompany the new owner, as well as the sister title, “This American Life.” The NY Times itself has had its own popular podcast called “The Daily” for about three years. The newspaper explains, “If The Daily is the front page of the newspaper, The Serial and This American Life are the magazine attachments.”

With the purchase of millions in Serial Productions, the American newspaper broadens the foundation of its audio business. On the one hand it acquires two well-known journalistic titles with corresponding reach, but just as important is the expertise of the people behind the purchase. Together with the NYT people, they must further develop the audio branch editorially into a broad and complete portfolio.

In late March 2020, The Times bought another audio company: Audm. That company developed an app where voice actors read longer journalistic stories to subscribers of the service.

Organizations such as Spotify, Blendle, NPO, Apple and Google and Sirius XM each invest in building an audio branch with their own content and revenue model. This goes hand in hand with exclusive distribution deals, but even now budding revenue models.

Are podcasts used for influencer marketing?

The answer is yes, podcasts have become super popular lately. And more and more brands incorporate podcasts when setting up an influencer marketing campaign and so do we. Many influencers in our portfolio are expanding their reach by creating a podcast. The audience is similar but different, you probably have friends that never listen to podcasts but find themselves on Instagram all the time and the other way around.

If you belong to the latter you’ve probably noticed that brands are named very clearly in podcasts, this is influencer marketing at its finest.

Podcasts can help build your brand’s credibility, drive brand awareness and grow your audience.

A great example of a (well-known) Instagrammer that also started a podcast is Sara Tasker, we recommend you to both check out her Instagram as well as her podcast ‘Hashtag Authentic’.


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What are the best podcasts about influencer marketing?

If you’re looking for podcasts about influencer marketing, this is our golden list of the three best podcasts regarding this topic:

  1. Blogosphere Podcast
    This podcast is 100% talking about influencer marketing above all other podcasts. It features a whole roster of guests who run or work in various agencies, as well as influencers and less industry-based guests.
  2. The Influencer Podcast
    This podcast hosts not just what we consider “content creators” but also leaders and business owners.
  3. Influencer Business
    This is a podcast for influencers, by influencers.

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