Professionalization of influencer marketing

Professionalization of influencer marketing

Influencers must professionalize, there are still too many influencers without a VAT number who do not draw up a correct invoice. If you want to be an influencer, take your responsibility. Brands expect influencers to act professional, this is why various experts in the industry expect a smaller landscape of influencers but of higher quality. In the end we are talking about a business agreement here. Influencers must behave as a brand in itself. 

Influencers are increasingly included in the marketing strategy. Some brands include influencers in their marketing strategy by hiring an influencer agency such as Influencer Agency. Others prefer to use an influencer marketing platform to be able to keep the reins in control. Influencer marketing platforms are mainly used by brands that already have experience with influencer marketing campaigns and brands that have a limited budget. Note that even if you have a limited budget it is sometimes more beneficial to hire an agency. 

Influencer marketing platforms are software tools that matches influencers with brands. Influencers can sign up at these platforms, same goes for brands. The influencer marketing platforms collect data, which continuously makes them better at predicting which brands and influencers are a good / perfect match and what the influencer marketing campaign will yield.

Brands all have the same goal, namely to be the brand that is top-of-mind and therefore favored over competitors brands. Imagine that you are in the supermarket. Why do you prefer to grab one product and not the other? Because you have seen / heard of that product very often. Whether you see it in an advertising brochure or on social media, the product must remain top-of-mind. Given the percentage of time that people now spend on social media, influencer marketing is an ideal way to keep your product or service coming back time and time again. 

Many brands test the possibilities around marketing campaigns with influencers. The power of influencer marketing comes from real people telling real stories. 

Professionalization of influencer marketing

The responsibility to professionalize influencer marketing does not lie solely with the influencers. It also lies with the brand that wants to collaborate with the influencer. Set goals, ask for previous collaborations that the influencer has done and the results. Make sure both sides know what the expectation is of the campaign in question.

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