how brands use influencers

There is great confidence in influencers: this is how brands use influencers

Many brands launch influencer campaigns via an influencer marketing agency. Remarkably, the brands hardly link their own name to the campaign. Only after the influential names have “tempted” you to visit the website it becomes clear who is behind the campaign. Apparently, brands have great confidence in influencers.

Marketers believe in the power of these online active people with regularly large followers. Exact figures that tell how often brands deploy these people are missing, but the result of a recent poll among marketers indicates an increase reported.

Majority of marketers say that they will increase the budget for influencers in the coming year. Why? It would mainly be marketers to do direct sales. The turnover generated by these campaigns is large, they say.

The new role of influencers

The deployment of influencers is of course as old as the road to Rome, but gets a whole new dimension. Not only Ariana Grande benefits from her fame and may promote a brand in a commercial. Fashion bloggers are now invited to live Instagram during fashion events all over the world.

Brands realize that finding the right influencers is more important than finding real celebrities.

The challenges and practice

That awareness among influencers also causes the biggest concerns for marketers. They find themselves in competition with competitors in finding the right names. Especially finding the right brand representatives and predicting their behavior is difficult, according to marketers.

Approximately one third of the marketers use various tools for this: they make predictions based on analytics about the number of posts, the network of these people, the reach of an article and the return.

Research shows that more than half of consumers have ever made a purchasing decision based on content published by an influencer. Well-known Instagrammers with several hundred thousand followers, but also publishers of popular magazines are used to create articles about fashion. These collages of content can be easily shared via social media platforms of the influencer and your brand in order to reach your target audience.

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