This is the average amount influencers charge per post

As influencer marketing is becoming more profitable year on year, the demand for branded content on social media platforms has never been higher.

Instagram in particular has become an influencer paradise. It is the leading platform for influencer marketing.

First of all, there are no guidelines on how much an influencer may charge for posting branded content on their profile. However, research has been done on the average price that is charged per platform based on an influencer’s audience, reach and platform.

The research was conducted by Klear, an influencer marketing platform. Klear surveyed 2.500 influencers, from nano- to mega influencers. A further division in the research was made by different type of content: Instagram post, Instagram Story, Instagram video, Facebook post and YouTube video.

When talking number of followers, we generally divide them into ranges of followers, from nano to mega.

Nano                1.000 – 10.000 followers

Micro               10.000-50.000 followers

Mid-tier            50.000-500.000 followers

Macro              500.000-1million followers

Mega               1million+ followers

Charge per post on Instagram

The study shows that the average price of Instagram content depends heavily on the number of followers of the influencer and type of post. Influencers with fewer followers reported to charge $43 per story post, $100 for a photo and $114 for a video. Micro influencers earn an average of $73 per story, $172 per photo, and $219 per video.

Mid-tier influencers (up to 500.000 followers) charge on average $210 per story post, $507 per photo, and $775 per video. Lastly, celebrity influencers charge $721 per story, $2,085 per post, and $3,138 per video.

This of course are average charges per post, costs per post can deviate up and down.

Unsurprisingly, Instagram stories are the cheapest option, as stories disappear 24 hours after posting (unless they’re archived) it’s a temporary form of advertising.

Charge per post on YouTube

The average price for YouTube content shows different numbers. On average, nano influencers charge $315 per video, micros $908, but mid-tier actually charge less than micros at $782. The reason for this is: engagement rate, micro-influencers are nailing it when looking at ROI.

Celebrities are by far the most expensive on YouTube, with $3857 on average per video.

Charge per post on Facebook

At Facebook’s we see a similar pattern to YouTube. Nano influencers charge around $31 per post, micro influencers around $318, but again, mid-tier influencers are less expensive, with on average of $243. Celebrities again, are again the most expensive influencers, costing around $2400 per Facebook post.

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