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This is why influencers add value to your brand

At Influencer Agency, we expect that influencer marketing is going to remain to see increased investment in 2019. We’ve talked a lot about the impact of influencer marketing on brands and their KPIs. Today, we talk about the impact of influencer marketing on consumers.

There are quit some challenges when it comes to brands executing successful influencer marketing campaigns and the actual impact the campaign has on consumers. What is interesting about influencer marketing is that far too often, brands don’t have an idea of how to measure the success of the influencer marketing campaign. Marketers reported that their biggest challenge for 2019 is measuring the impact of those campaigns on the consumers. The times where brands were impressed by things like reach and the number of followers are gone.

Without question influencer marketing has delivered significant results for brands. In many cases, people trust the people they follow, and when people they trust tell them to check out or buy something, often they will. For brands, getting that kind of response from potential consumers is considerably more difficult than it is for influencers.

Magic can happen when the right brand collaborates with the right influencer.

Reviews, reviews, reviews..

It’s highly likely that you as a consumer read reviews before making an actual purchase decision. You read reviews about the company, the product or service, the customer service and so on. Here’s where influencers can become relevant, an influencer reviewing your product makes consumers more willing to make a purchase because of something they’ve seen, read, or heard from an influencer. Furthermore, over half of consumers that are influenced by an influencer, leave a product review themselves about the product or service. These reviews give brands credibility and lead to more purchases. This creates a so-called snowball effect.

So, what is the impact on consumers?

It works! Influencers influence consumers. Consumers love the fact that influencers are sharing valuable information and products  recommendations with them. Influencers are perceived as real, honest, authentic and knowledgeable. Consumers believe that influencers don’t lie about products just to make money. They are trusted. This is exactly the reason influencers are able to add real value to your brand.

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