TikTok divides $ 200 million among emerging creators

TikTok sets aside $ 200 million in America to keep emerging stars connected to its platform. The money is used as a kind of salary for the work of the creators / influencers. In China, the company also gives workshops to improve technology. It is unclear whether America will get it.

Just before the weekend, TikTok announced the creation of the so-called Creator Fund for American producers. Everyone can make use of it, but the video app then takes a good look at the quality, interaction ratios and consistency in frequency that the maker has.

TikTok recognizes that some of the popular users in America do not need that money. They have already entered into partnerships with brands, talent agencies or sponsorships under their own steam. The Creator Fund is for the group that did not have those options.

The budget made available by China will be released in the course of 2021.

Subsidizing users is a tactic that TikTok has been using for years. In its home market, where the app is called Douyin, the company gives workshops to promising creators to make them better. These sessions include tips on production techniques, but can also be about story formats. A step further is that Douyin takes a financial interest in the producer.

Many younger Instagram users are switching to TikTok

The app is relatively unknown to many adults. A certain group knows that it is the new form of Musical.ly, but has lost sight of the music app. However, that does not mean that users have disappeared. A part of the group that was not yet 13 years old lost its account at the time for legal reasons. But they are now old enough to pick up their old love again.

At first it was only about music and dancing, but nowadays it is also about funny videos, life hacks and chat. TikTok is on the rise. The biggest growth is around 16+ years. It is not necessarily a social tool for young people up to 20 years old. For this group, it is much more about creating creative expressions than using the platform to communicate with each other.

A major reason for the rise of TikTok is that it is not a closed ecosystem like other apps. It works the other way around: it is very easy to share videos to other social apps. Much of what goes viral starts there and then continues to the big media like SnapChat and Instagram Stories.

You see influencers emerge that you do not see on other platforms. Conversely, many people who are big on YouTube do nothing with TikTok.

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