TikTok is booming, this is how it works part #1

TikTok is booming, the app offers many possibilities, also for brands. But how do you use if for influencer marketing? And how do you stand out and generate views and engagement?

The TikTok algorithm

As with any algorithm, the TikTok algorithm remains a bit of a mystery and there is no specific answer to the question of how exactly it works. 

How TikTok works

TikTok makes a division between “content of the people you follow” and “content of strangers”. You have the following page (Following), in this timeline you can see the content of the accounts you follow. You also have the For You Page, where you see the content of strangers. The For You Page is the most viewed and here you can see an endless amount of content. 

What is the For You Page based on? TikTok shows content that the app thinks you might be interested in. For example, if you often listen to a particular audio clip and you engage with these types of videos, TikTok will show you more of these types of videos. 

How do you grow on TikTok?

A cool thing about TikTok is that it is easier to go viral without being TikTok famous when you compare it to other social platforms. Mainly because most users spend the majority of their time on TikTok on the FYP page, this way your video can already generate a lot of fews without having many TikTok followers.

The more people see your video (increase in views) and the more users like your video (increase in likes and comments), the greater the chance that you will end up on other FYPs too.

There are several factors that play a role in increasing your reach and engagement, below we share two of them. Next time we’ll share more!

  1. Post regularly

Video creators are rewarded who regularly post (engaging content). Preferably 1 to 3 times a day.

  1. Participate in trends and challenges

Trends are a big part of what TikTok is known for. TikTok challenges people to show their creativity and put their own spin on a trend. These challenges usually revolve around a specific theme, sound, video effect or a combination of these.

Popular TikTokers and influencers have found that responding to trends and challenges has helped them in their TikTok success. You recognize the trends and challenges because you see many videos with, for example, the same song on your FYP. All challenges also have their own hashtag, this is another way to recognize them.

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