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What Gary Vaynerchuk said about influencer marketing

Let’s get to it! More than once, Gary Vaynerchuk has called influencer marketing one of the two most important forms of persuasion in digital marketing. The other? Facebook ads.

I truly believe that it’s one of the most effective ways of advertising a brand right now as well … they’re able to genuinely and effectively present a product or service in a way that affects the audience consuming their content.

Influencer marketing is immune to Adblock

The current popularity of influencer marketing is driven by the ever-increasing lack of trust that consumers nowadays have towards traditional types of advertisement. Consumers perceive online advertising as a disruptive experience and therefore install Adblock (influencer marketing is immune to Adblock!).

Challenges of a marketer

If you’re a marketer, you are probably more than familiar with at least some of the following challenges: you find it hard to grab the attention of potential consumers, you’re not sure how to create unique compelling content for all channels and all audiences, you find it hard to create an authentic and trusted brand identity.

Therefore, marketers are always on the look for new, more effective ways to reach their audience. People influence people, consumers tend to rely on testimonials and reviews, from friends and family, but also from people they find influential. When influencer marketing came around and portraying itself as the solution to all these challenges marketers were immediately interested. Marketers dedicated budget, time and resources to influencer marketing campaigns. Since the beginning of influencer marketing the amount of budget dedicated to this type of marketing keeps growing and growing. Below, some ways how influencer marketing can benefit your marketing strategy:

  1. It helps to effectively reach your target audience. Through relevant influencers, as a brand s content is showed to your target audiences.
  2. It improves your brand awareness
  3. It builds trust amongst your target audience. As said before: people influence people, consumers tend to rely on testimonials and reviews, from people they find influential.
  4. It improve your content strategy. Influencers know their audience best and will definitely come up with different content ideas you have not thought of.

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