What is the value of a professional influencer?

We would like to talk about value in this article, in some cases we see problems with the advancing profession of influencer.

It seems attractive. You are already on social media for a few hours a day, you know to work with video editing software and you have quite a nice following. You find your own unique tone of voice and the first collaborations start. You go to work, earn your money and everything is going well. Not only the cash register rings, the online dopamine applause machine also switches on. Not only the cash register rings, the online dopamine applause machine also switches on.

Foundation for your future

The first ten years of your career are super important in laying the foundation for the future. Whether you work under a boss, set up or build a company together with other people. You learn from each other, from different perspectives, various insights and from people with whom you have confrontations. It is important that there is someone in your work who assesses you. And that this is someone who does not do that based on the result, but based on your performance.

It’s about your personal brand

Everyone views the world differently. If you put things very black and white, you could make the distinction between: “what can the world do for me” versus “what can I contribute to the world”. The moment you are a professional influencer, you take a pretty clear position in that dichotomy. After all, it’s all about your personal brand. The proceeds from the collaborations you earn go to your bank account.

The value that goes back into society is the value you provide in terms of entertainment towards your supporters and the tax you pay on your earned income. The moment the goal does not have yourself as the central element, the value you create is automatically greater. If you work for a company, government or voluntary organization, you automatically contribute to a larger (social) whole. Which seems to me by definition a more sensible and sustainable idea. If you scale it up to a real media company, the perspective changes again.

Role models for the youth

Anyone who looks at the screen time spent on their smartphone cannot possibly be satisfied with it. Hours a day are spent on app groups, social media channels and so on. And let’s be honest. Influencers are the role models of the youth.

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